Gun lock technology is 150 year old.
Its time we bring it to this decade.


How Long Does It Take ....

To access your gun when your safaty is on the line.


Now you can do it with a swipe

Or automatically using a pre-set schedule

App Features

Get Instant Alert Notifications

Get instant alerts notification on your cell phone or via email.

Scheduled Locked / Unlocked mode

You can easily schedule armed / disarmed mode to ensure your gun is accessible when you need it. You can schedule the gun to be in armed mode when you are at home or at night time, so you can access it without the phone.

4 Digit pin for additional security

Same level of security as mobile banking. 4 digit pin acts as additional layer of security to ensure only you can access your gun

Define rules to make the lock work in harmony with other sensors

If your front door opens in the middle of the night, motion sensor at the door can automatically send unlock signal to the gun. You can easily customize the rules to match your preference and peace of mind.

Lock Features

Speaks to other sensors

Easily customize it to operate in harmony with other sensors and/or security system in the house. For instance motion alert from any sensor in the house at night time can send a command to unlock the gun.

24/7 Monitoring

Built-in motion sensor allows for 24/7 monitoring of the gun. Sends an alerts to the phone and/or email the second motion is detected.

Smart Power Management

Battery lasts up a year without recharging. Low battery alert sent to the phone / email. Battery charger also included

WIFI and Bluetooth

Comes with multiple connection options. Connects via home wifi when at home and bluetooth when outside.

Some Screens


  • When will you ship the lock?

    Locks are shipped on first come first serve basis. We will let you know your expected delivery date when you place your order.

  • Is lock compatible with my gun?

    Our lock is designed to be universal and works with most types of guns.

  • How secure is the lock?

    We rely on the same security protocols used in the online banking. We implement robust encryption using open, published standards.

About Us

Keé was founded at University of Pennsylvania, the day after the tragedy at Sandy Hook. Two graduate engineering students and a Professor came together and said enough of mass shootings.  Armed with the technology they decided to take a shot at this important social issue.

We are NOT about Big Brother watching gun use; in fact we are quite the opposite. We are about safe gun owners taking the responsibility of safety and security of their firearms so tragic incident like Sandy Hook never happens again.

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